Are HookUp Apps The Death Of Dating?

Are-HookUp-Apps-The-Death-Of-Dating-1First of all, who even knew there were apps for dating ? Until a few months ago, I certainly didn’t. Sure, I’ve done a vast amount of online dating, but all of my online dating has been on actual websites. When some one asked me about hookup apps, I didn’t know what they were talking about. I thought they were How To apps that dealt with electrical circuitry or stereo equipment. Apparently, some companies have taken their Dating websites and moved them to the wonderful world of phones and tablets. As a result, many more companies have delved exclusively into the app business Why does anyone want to look at pictures on an even smaller screen than the one they have on their desk? Maybe they are not at home, or maybe they don’t even have a desktop computer with a big screen. Whatever the draw, people seem to be flocking to hookup apps in the last year, so I delved into the arena myself. Now I am an expert user of said apps, so I will share my experiences with you, and the lessons I have learned testing out a few of them on my Apple Iphone.

We should look at what free hookup apps are out there. Some of the apps that I tried are: Blendr, OKCupid, Skout, Tinder, and Crazy Blind Dates. Blendr, like so many other dating apps, uses the location services on your phone to find other seekers close by. Blendr also uses a short survey of interests, but most of the criteria seem to be based on location, which can be set to a general area or a precise address. Just like online dating websites, you look through a bunch of pictures, much like you are shopping on QVC. When you find a girl who tickles your fancy, you chat her up. Once you have let that hurdle, you are on your way to your first date. OKcupid is closer to a traditional dating website, like Match or eHarmony. It features a more comprehensive dating profile, along with “powerful matching algorithms,” with the ability to broadcast location, as well as chat. Skout is more basic in its features, and the profile consists of little more than gender and age. Tinder has a relatively intuitive interface, and its software works well without a preponderance of hanging or crashing. Some of the free dating apps out there tend to crash easily when loading photos to your profile, and other memory intensive functions. Tinder also has an interesting aspect of anonymity. You can pick some one near you to meet, but you will only be notified if they do the same. Crazy Blind Date is just what is sounds like. You enter the time and place you want to meet some one, and the app chooses someone to match you up with.

Are-HookUp-Apps-The-Death-Of-Dating-2I downloaded Crazy Blind Dates just because of the name. I thought it would be fun to go on a blind date, having never ventured into that territory before. I figured why not have someone, or something, else set me up for a change. Maybe I’m not as good at picking girls for myself as I think I am. Maybe a computer can pick better than I can. Maybe I get preoccupied with the size of their breasts. It’s entirely possible. So I picked a bar near my house, and a Wednesday night. I know, I know; not a big date night, right? That’s why I was using the app. Getting a date for Friday night is easy; but sometimes I want to go out in the middle of the week to blow off some steam from work. So I show up, and a tiny little Latina girl is waiting for me. She was about 4’11″, and absolutely adorable. We had a few drinks, and we totally hit it off! I love to watch football, and she is a big fan of the same team I follow. We talked about music, movies, sports; and we agreed on a lot of it. I’m thinking to myself, “That computer totally got it right!” I couldn’t believe it. At the end of the night, I invited her back to my place, and we continued the evening there. Did I “hook up?” Yes. But, we got along so well, that we started dating, and have been doing so ever since.

Are-HookUp-Apps-The-Death-Of-Dating-3So I guess it comes down to what you are using the hookup apps for. If you’re only hooking up, a casual observer might say that dating has declined. However, there have always been hookups in the past; but instead of Mobile phone Apps , we just met at bars and hooked up there. In my opinion, if all you’re looking to do is hook up with someone, then the app is merely the tool you use to attain your goal. In this case, you were never part of the “dating” pool to being with. However, those like myself, who are interested in dating, can still use the hookup apps as a tool in their service as well.

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