Advice With Sex On A Date

Advice-With-Sex-On-A-Date-1I just read an advice article on one of those dating websites about sex on a date, and it sounds like it was written in the 1950′s. But they didn’t have the internet back then did they? The author was talking about sex on a first date like it was a bad thing. She said not to have sex on a first date; no if’s, and’s, or but’s. She even reiterated it at the end of the article in a list of definite no’s for the first date . She says that a guy should not even discuss sex on the first several dates! She says that withholding sex from us guys will make it more exciting for us when we actually get it. That not giving it up somehow increases the mystery, or some such nonsense. That we may have fun, but we wouldn’t consider a longer relationship with the girl because the emotions did not get heightened enough. Wrong, wrong, wrong!!

Get with The times… Its Just Sex!
Once upon a time in fairy tale land there was no sex before marriage. Then in the dark ages, people actually started having sex outside of marriage. It was taboo at first, but over time it grew in acceptance, and then it became the norm. In the 1940′s and 1950′s, girls and guys who were dating did have sex, but it was usually after they were dating for some time. But then came the invention of a little thing called “the pill” and that ushered in the sexual revolution. In the 1960′s and 1970′s sex on a first date became conventional and even customary. There has been no decade of repression since then. In fact, in the 1990′s and 2000′s there was an increase in casual sexual activity, especially among younger people. So for any person, man or woman, to advise women not to consider sex on the first date is doing them an horrible disservice. In today’s society, if you click with a girl, and the chemistry is present, there is no reason whatsoever not to have sex on the first date.

Sex Is More Important Than You Think
Advice-With-Sex-On-A-Date-2Let’s be honest, for us guys, sex is the most important aspect of a relationship with a girl. Everything else, from friendship to hanging out to having someone to talk to can be done with a male friend. Sex is why we are there, so if the sex is not good, there is no reason to continue the relationship. We want to find a girl with whom we love having sex with, who is cool, too. We are not looking for mystery. Women think that playing hard to get keeps guys interest, but it only delays the objective. The reality is that it makes guys lose interest. If a girl does not have sex with you on the first night, you might not want to continue that relationship. Especially today, if a girl likes you and wants to have sex with you, she will. If she does not want to have Sex with you, then either she does not like you and is stringing you along to get something else out of you; or she is playing some sort of game, like hard to get. Either way, you do not want to waste your time on them. If you really think she is special, and you two are just complete soul mates, then you might want to give it until the second or even third date. If, however, you do not have sex by the third date, then it might as well never happen. Spending any more time with that girl will be totally frivolous. Do not, under any circumstance go out with a girl more than three times if she has not slept with you.

Advice-With-Sex-On-A-Date-3So, if there are any ladies reading this, make sure you are up with the times. No mater if you live in small town in Nebraska, or London England, In today’s society, if you do not even consider sex on the first date, then you will have a very frustrating time trying to find a compatible mate.

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